The main activities foreseen by the project are:

  • To design and develop a free, comprehensive, transversal training program for university students and learners equipping higher education students and learners with 4 skills identified as critical for the workforce in the 21st century:
    • digital transformation;
    • green skills and environmental awareness;
    • entrepreneurship and innovation;
    • social and career skills.
  • To design and implement an effective gamified strategy to support students’ engagement in the learning process in regard to the MOOC course.
  • To deliver 16 interactive learning exercises, which will be part of the learning process in the gamified MOOC.
  • To promote the Future Work 4s’ MOOC across students from all fields of study; to assess its impact on their improved competencies, and to disseminate the results across education providers and stakeholders, in order to mainstream the course so that more learners can benefit from it.